One of the Legal Matters to Understand as Parents get Older

When parents start to age, they might have a more difficult time handling everything on their own. Certain ailments like dementia or Alzheimer’s can make it almost impossible for the person to live on their own and handle their day to day lives.

In other cases, they might be able to live on their own but have trouble with their finances or are temporarily unable to deal with certain issues in their lives and will need short-term help. When parents start to get old, their children might want to look into guardianship to help and protect them.

Full Guardianship

Full Guardianship is usually obtained when the elderly person is no longer to handle their own finances or medical decisions. A full guardianship gives the chosen person the ability to handle everything from finances to medical decisions and even decisions on where they’ll live for the elderly person. 

Temporary Guardianship

Sometimes, a person will only be unable to handle their own finances or medical decisions for a brief period of time. This is common when they may be ill. Their child or another trusted person can obtain temporary guardianship to help them through this period. This is usually completed once the person is able to do everything on their own again. 

Limited Guardianship

Sometimes, an elderly person can still live in their home or handle their own medical decisions, but should not handle their own financial decisions any longer. In these cases, a limited guardianship can provide the chance for a person to have control over their finances, but not every part of their life. 

Emergency Guardianship

Emergency guardianship is obtained faster than traditional guardianship. It can be full, temporary, or limited, depending on the situation. For instance, if a person has a medical emergency, their child could obtain temporary emergency guardianship to care for them until they recover from the medical issue. 

If your parents are getting older, you may want to learn more about the various legal matters to understand as parents get older so you know what to expect and what you might want to look into if they cannot manage their own lives on their own anymore. This can help them stay in their home as long as possible and ensure everything is taken care of for them when they cannot do it.