Private Investigations For Cheating Partners

In Australia, divorce petitioners require admissible evidence to prove that their spouse was unfaithful. The evidence supports their claim, but it could also entitle them to more marital properties or alimony. The evidence must show a clear account of an extramarital affair between the defendant and someone other than their spouse. A private investigator provides a variety of services that help these petitioners secure all necessary evidentiary support.

Computer and Phone Forensics

The retrieval of deleted email messages, text messages, and images from computers and smartphones is necessary for these cases. Digital forensics allows investigators to obtain these files directly from the hard drive as long as the hard drive itself wasn’t damaged severely. This process could provide evidence of communications between the defendant and their romantic partner.

Capturing Surveillance Footage

Surveillance footage is required to show that the extramarital affair wasn’t platonic. In cases involving military personnel, it is necessary to acquire evidence that shows that sexual intercourse did occur. The results of the evidence could lead to criminal charges as well as a dishonorable discharge from service. The surveillance footage must be clear and leave absolutely no room for error.

Obtaining Evidence of Hotel Reservations

A common practice for individuals engaged in these affairs is to meet their romantic partner at a hotel. An investigator could acquire records of these reservations and determine if the defendant was present without their spouse. These records could provide evidence of these encounters and backup other evidence in the case.

Discovering Assets and Gifts

The process of discovery is used to obtain information about assets. Expensive gifts or purchases that were clearly not for the spouse could pinpoint exchanges between the defendant and this individual. The process enables the investigator to determine if the petitioner is entitled to these assets according to divorce laws.

In Australia, divorce petitioners hire private investigators when they choose to use fault-based divorce grounds such as infidelity. In these cases, evidence must be secured to support the petitioner’s allegations against their spouse. The evidence must show a clear romantic relationship with the subject identified by the investigator. Divorce petitioners who need the services of a private investigator can visit for further details now.