The Benefits Of Using A Radio Frequency Based Laser Tube

At first glance, it may seem that all lasers are created equal, but there is nothing further from the truth. One of the first decisions a consumer has to make when purchasing a new laser unit is whether to buy a machine that uses a laser tube that is powered by direct current (DC) or radio frequency (RF). The differences between these two types of lasers can be confusing at best, but the following helps to shed light on the benefits of lasers that utilize an RF system.


Investing in laser equipment can be extremely expensive, so it is crucial to purchase a system that will offer the highest life expectancy possible. RF versions are known for lasting much longer than direct current models, with some providing as much as five times the usage amount before requiring replacement. Also, radio frequency tubes can be quickly repaired which can save money when issues arise.

Engraving Accuracy

When lasers are used to engrave or cut items, it is critical to ensure the most significant amount of accuracy possible. While both models offer excellent precision, RF lasers provide a higher amount of energy in a more condensed spot and are capable of producing extremely accurate results. RF models can also pierce through a vast selection of metals, making them an excellent option for nearly any type of project.

Beam Stability

Another important consideration is the stability of the beam as it exits the laser producing chamber. Often, the amount of energy used by laser machines is identical, but radio frequency models can condense the power in a more efficient manner, which results in a beam that is stable and able to produce excellent accuracy for any laser cutting task.

It can be difficult to determine what type of 150 watt CO2 laser tubes will best suit an intended use. While direct current models may be more cost productive upfront, over the long-term DC models are known for offering excellent accuracy and dependability. Check out the full line of products available from Boss Laser and make it simple to locate an affordable laser cutting device that will be ready to tackle any project.