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In Connecticut, in divorce cases, everything isn’t always black and white. Sometimes disputes arise and tempers flare. The end results often lead to a costly divorce trial instead of a simplified divorce. A local attorney provides assistance to lower the chances of a trial and finalize the divorce quickly.

Ending Disputes About Assets

Common issues about marital assets are their exact value and which party receives them. The attorney arranges services such as property appraisals to establish the exact value of an asset. The services are beneficial in determining how the marital estate is divided. The attorney also provides negotiation skills to help their client acquire the properties and assets that matter the most to them.

Negotiating for Child Custody and Parenting Plans

To avoid trials and mediation, the attorney negotiates for child custody and parenting plans. If the couple isn’t able to agree initially, it is possible for them …


The decision to file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy can offer a lifeline to those who are struggling with the pressures of unmanageable payments. While it is helpful, there are many who don’t fully understand what is involved in this process. Chapter 7 bankruptcy is a process where a court wipes away most types of unsecured debt. There are several frequently asked questions and answers to help get a better understanding.

Which Debts Can be Eliminated?

Most unsecured debts like credit card balances, past due utilities and past due rent will be wiped out after filing Chapter 7, there are some exceptions that should be noted. Student loan debt is an example of something that cannot be discharged. Also, money owed to the IRS as well as late payments towards child support will not disappear after filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

How Long Does It Take?

Each situation is different, so every …


It is so easy for a person to caught up in a crime that he or she had better have a good lawyer in place when that happens. So many things are classified as crimes that people may not readily think of. For example, a person may be accused of petty theft when actually that is not what happened. Well, people need to know how to select a criminal lawyer when they are charged with any crime.

Various Crimes for which People Need a Criminal Lawyer

One of the most widely used reasons for getting a criminal lawyer is when a person is arrested for drunk driving. Drunk driving charges usually carry significant penalties in all states, and the person charged needs an excellent lawyer to get the charge dropped or reduced. Another crime that happens often is assault and battery, and the defendant needs an attorney who can help …